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As we move forward in today’s times it is troubling for me to turn on the television, read the paper or speak to my staff at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office of the ever growing problem of sexual assault of our men and women at College Universities. It was an honor to say a few words to the students and parents that attended your recent seminar at Columbia Greene Community College and I was extremely impressed with your K2P program.

The short film you showed was very powerful as it hit on every key issue of sexual assault. It was great to see the K2P instructors engage with the audience as you facilitated an open dialog with the students about these important issues.

As Sheriff of Greene County, it is my Constitutional obligation to ensure that our universities and communities have zero tolerance of any sexual assaults. Therefore, I highly and professionally endorse the K2P program of sexual assault and safety training to educate our students of the dangers that they may face on our college campuses.

Gregory Seeley
Greene County Sheriff

I was very impressed by the professionalism and positive attitude demonstrated by members of the K2P team.  They skillfully facilitated some difficult, yet important conversations with the students, and shared critical safety information and tactics to help keep our men and women safe.  Positive feedback was received from the students who participated.

Thomas P. Kelly
Director of Campus Safety, Hartwick College