Video: Not Anymore- On-line Educational Module

Part One: Pre-Orientation Online Training For Students:

As part of its campus safety initiative, K2P offers pre-orientation online education for students designed to satisfy required training on issues related to sexual assault and domestic violence prevention. Such topics include:  Consent/Sexual Assault, Bystander Intervention, Verbal Defense, Alcohol Awareness, Dating/Domestic Violence, Stalking, Healthy Relationships, and others.

This proactive online training, specifically approved by each university, is delivered via email prior to the commencement of the college experience, to ensure their knowledge and awareness of these areas of concern.

Each student’s participation and completion is accounted for with a unique registration coding system.


Part Two: On-Campus Safety Program:

Students will view a short video depicting an on-campus sexual encounter resulting in a claim of date rape. K2P presenters will facilitate a discussion that analyzes and explores the differing and conflicting perspectives of the two parties involved and those of their peers.

Students will learn how different expectations, miscommunication, alcohol, and drugs can lead to unintended and undesired consequences.

Students will then participate in group breakout sessions designed to continue and evolve the discussion to include bystander intervention, safety and awareness, personal empowerment and the creation of boundaries, de-escalation and legal and physical self defense.  

As part of its customizable program, K2P can also address issues particular to commuters, spring break, and study abroad programs.


Active Shooter Training:

Universities have the option to use K2P to help address the emerging threat associated with weapons on campus.

K2P will provide a custom safety program developed and presented by our Active Shooter lead instructor who has received multiple certifications in such nationally recognized programs as; A.L.I.C.E., Homeland Security and FEMA.

K2P will work with campus security and local law enforcement to develop a program which integrates best practices and campus safety with the needs of the specific university.  

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Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Emotional Self Defense:

As part of its ongoing education program, K2P will host and facilitate an all-important discussion with students on issues related to their emotional self defense and well-being.

These topics will include distinguishing between healthy versus unhealthy relationships, learning how to recognize warning signs, and how to avoid or defuse potentially harmful situations.

Students will also be provided with information concerning local support services and resources available to help those in need.


Legal Guidance in Complying With Legislative Mandates:

Compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act creates an additional responsibility for universities and meeting all of the mandates may be a challenge.

K2P’s trained legal staff can assist by providing an audit to review your policies, programs and procedures designed to identify possible gaps and challenges in your compliance efforts.

We will serve as a resource to your staff by providing you with recommendations to correct deficiencies and enhance compliance.

In addition to Federal Requirements, states are beginning to initiate legislative requirements which impose additional mandates for colleges. K2P can assist you in developing and presenting a program to meet your specific needs.